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Veg-Tech Portable Pressure Cooling Systems
   Cool. Anywhere.® Forced Air Cooling Features:
    1. Modular – independent trailers maximize flexibility
    2. Portable – move with an over-size permit; no pilot cars
    3. Easy set up – lower landing gear and plug in electrical
    4. State-of-the-art fixed base cooler performance:
      a. Class 1 temperature performance (32-36 F product temperatures)
      b. Cooling rates and cycle times
      c. Energy efficiency
      d. Sanitary materials and design
    5. Freon 404A refrigerant
      a. No ammonia permit, training, or liability issues
      b. No CFC’s – zero ozone depletion potential
    6. Powered conveyors move product – no loading dock or forklifts in cooler
   Exclusive Patented Air Handling Technology
    1. Exceptional cooling uniformity across entire load
    2. Simple to adjust
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